Teddy Candela was born on May 26, 1990 in Saint-Martin-d'Hères, France to Corinne and André, who were local fruit sellers at the farmers' market. He is of Sicilian, Spanish, and Italian descent. His family comes from the village of Montelepre, Sicily. The village of Salvatore Giuliano, legend has it that one of his relative's may have been his companion. Before becoming an actor, Teddy wanted to be a professional Football Player. When he began studying acting at the Grenoble conservatory in 2007, he was the only student in the class who'd never acted before. At the end of the year, the teacher told him that's why they'd taken him, he was impressed by the fact that without any background in acting, he dared to come to the audition for the conservatory. Right after that, he told him that the conservatory wouldn't continue with Teddy and that it'd be very difficult for him to do this job. He moved to Paris with his wife soon after, where he studied with the world-renowned method coach, Jack Waltzer, developing his techniques through hard-grit and determination. During auditions for film and TV, he first worked as a postman, before pursuing his passion full-time. Teddy got his first part in the independent feature, "Noise", before going onto star in a major role as villain, Doumé Verdi on hit French soap opera, "Plus Belle La Vie". For "Plus Belle La Vie", Teddy first auditioned for a smaller part (1 episode), as a boxer, but didn't land the job instead impressing producers so much that they auditioned him for the major role of Doumé Verdi. He then went onto wow audiences with 35 episodes. For his performance, he was nominated in the category of Best Villain at the French Soap Opera Awards. He is a fan of the sport of English Boxing, and breathes cinema. Teddy Candela has also worked recently with "La guerre des trônes, la véritable histoire de l'Europe", "Amours à mort", "Petits secrets en famille" and "La vérité si je mens: les débuts".





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